Welcome to Bookz.in. Avail all the services offered by us here or via its affiliates; however, you need to accept the terms and conditions first. You can accept the T&C through our website or by visiting our shop.

You must read all the terms and conditions properly as you will uphold by all these conditions and guidelines while availing the existing or upcoming services offered by Bookz.in.

The Privacy Policy

Review our privacy policies thoroughly before visiting. You should clearly understand the practices we follow.

Terms and conditions for all purchases

We accept the orders either through confirmation email or mobile number. The orders will be accepted by following all the conditions of the sale. No other conditions are applicable.

Methods of Electronic Communication

You will be communication with us electronically as soon as you will visit our site or send any emails. This gives the consent from your end of receiving the communication automatedly. Customers should agree that all the notices and any other forms of communications offered by us are satisfactory.


The prices posted on the website can be changed without any notice. The prices available before the commencement of order will be applicable. The prices that are posted on the website also includes charges and taxes. If, in case, there are any additional charges, it will be notified on the site.

Conditions of Payment

We have to receive the payments before shipping unless the order is made on the condition of cash on delivery. You can make payments via cash, cheque, credit, draft, net banking, debit card and even mobile payment.

About Shipping and Handling

Once you place the order, we will make the arrangements to ship the products to you. The schedules of shipping are previously.

We are liable for any delays in the procedure of shipment, at the same time. The risk of loss and damage is passed to you once the product is delivered to you. We cannot arrange for reverse shipment due to unavailability of our logistic partners. In that case, we might request you to send the products via any kinds of courier services.

The Return of Products

If you return any product, we will accept it if it is damaged during shipping or if it is defective. We will accept the return as well if the product is wrongly delivered to you, or the packing is incomplete. However, we should be informed about the discrepancies within 24 hours of the delivery date of the product. At the same time, the products should also be returned to their original condition.

The replacement conditions

We offer you a guarantee of 14 days replacement for the products that we have sold on the site adhering to certain conditions that are mentioned. The customers will have to notify us about the defect or the damage within 24 hours of the receipt of the products. If, in case, the customer fails to provide us information within the due date, we have the right to accept or reject the request. We can refund the money to the source payment method you used during the transaction or replace the defective product with a brand new one without charging any extra amount.

Bookz will also make efforts to replace the specific product that has been ordered. Nevertheless, we also reserve the right to give an alternate product, in case the specified product is not in stock

However, the replacement guarantee is valid only if the defect is from the manufacturer or if damage is due to transport. We will consider the damage invalid if it is due to normal tearing and wearing or if there has been any kind of negligence on the part of the customer. If our customers come across any such issues with any product, they should contact customer service within 24 hours. Failing this, we might decide to deny the request for a replacement.

However, if avail digital contents like e books, they are not returnable.

Policy of Cancellation and Change

In case of a change in quantity or addition of items or when specific changes have been accepted, we can alter the order’s details. All the sales are final, and you can cancel the items before the order is finally shipped. We may cancel the accepted order before the shipment without any liability when the credit department does not give the approval of your credit. We can also do in case of a problem with the mode of payment that you have chosen.

Refund Policy

In case you cancel international books, a restocking fee of 25% of the value of the order will be charged. If this is any other order it will have a restocking fee of about 10% of the order’s value. You will get the refund after the necessary deductions are made for the restocking fee which is applicable within10 working days.

Access to License and Website

General: The site provides a limited license to you through which you get access to the personal use of the website for downloading or alter any portion of the content that doesn’t require the consent of the site.

Commercial sale: The license does not provide you any kind of commercial use of website or resale of the content. In case there is any listing or collection of any product in addition to pricing, description or account information, it can benefit another merchant.

No framing: You cannot frame or utilize any technology of framing for enclosing trademarks, logos or other information on the site. You will require written consent for that.

No reproduction: The website cannot be exploited or duplicated or reproduced for commercial purpose without the written consent of the site.

Use of Metatags: You are not permitted to use hidden texts or metatags for utilizing the trademark of the company or the name without any written consent. In case you use it, you will be terminated from the permission of licenses granted by the company.

About Your Account

Protection: According to website’s privacy policy, it’s your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the account and password you have in order to restrict access to your computer. Apart from this, you also agree to the responsibility of all the activities that might occur under your password.

Children: Products are sold only to the adults and no products are sold for children. Hence, if you are under the age of 18, you can use the website with the involvement of a guardian or parent. The website also has the right to deny the service, removing the content of the edit or terminate the account. The orders can be canceled in your sole discretion

Reviews, Comments, Communications

The content: The visitors might post reviews, comments and other contents besides sending e-cards. They can also submit different suggestions, ideas, questions or any other type of information till the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory or infringing the rights of intellectual property to any third party. It should not contain political campaigning, commercial solicitation, software virus or mass mailing. The Rights: If you submit post contents or material with a different intention, we and our affiliates can be granted a royalty free and non-exclusive perpetual and sub-licensed right to use the material by you. We can alter, publish, reproduce, adapt and create derivative work throughout the world. You can give Bookz.in and the other affiliate sites the sub license for using the name that you have submitted regarding the content.

Wrong information: You cannot use false email addresses or impersonate anyone which can mislead the original or a card or a content. In that case, we have the right to remove or edit the content and posted content will not be reviewed regularly. Owning Rights: You can control the right or represent all the rights for the content that you have posted and the content is precise and correct. You can as well use it for supplying unless it violates the policy, to make sure that it does not cause any injury to any entity. You will also agree to the indemnification of the affiliate for the claims that arising from the supply of the content. The site has the right to edit or obligate or even remove the content’s activity. You solely responsible for the liability of any content that you have posted.

The Risk of Loss

The items you purchase from this site adheres to the contract of shipment. Hence, the risk of loss and the title pass to you once the product is delivered to you.

Description of Product

Bookz.in and our affiliates try best to as much accurate. Nevertheless, no warranties for whether the product’s description or the content is accurate or complete or reliable. The product offered are also not described, so the only remedy is to return the product in the most useful condition.

Website Policies, Modification, and Severability

You should also review our other policies. We reserve the right to make modifications or changes to our websites, policies, and terms and conditions at any time. In case the conditions are void, invalid, unenforceable for any reason, the condition can be considered as severable. It will have no impact on the enforceability or validity of other conditions.

Rights of Intellectual Property

Copyright: All the contents like graphics, audio clips, button icons, texts, digital downloads, logos, is the property of Bookz.in and is sternly protected by Indian law of Copyright. The content as well is the absolute property of the website including the software under use.


  • Protected Graphics: The page icons, headers, logos, graphics, scripts are trademarks of the website. These trade dress and trademarks may not be utilized regarding products and services that are not of the company. All other trademarks on the site are owned by the company and its affiliate websites. These are the property that belong to different owners. They might not be affiliated or associated with Bookz.in.
  • Protected Marks: The protected marks consist of Bookz.in & design as well as other things that are on the site.

The Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions mentioned above will apply in accordance with the Indian laws. In case of the matters of dispute related to the terms and conditions of the site, the matter will come to the complete jurisdiction of the competent Courts at Ahmedabad, Gujarat and all the other courts will be excluded.

Disclaimer of warranties and Limitation of Liability

The complete website is provided by Bookz.in as is and as it is available. The company does not warrantee or represent any kind of operations. Besides this, it does not express or implies the information on the website or the operation along with the additional contents, materials or products that are related to this website. As a customer, it’s you who agrees to the use of this website solely at your own risk.

In accordance with the law, Bookz.in disclaims all the warrantees to the full extent. In addition to this, it also disclaims expression or implication that are not limited to but denote the warrantees of merchantability and fitness. These conditions are described for a special purpose. The website as well does not warrantee that the servers, total site, the emails sent are entirely free of harmful components or viruses. Nevertheless, the website will not be responsible for any damages that may arise from the website’s use that also includes any kind of indirect, direct, incidental or kinds of consequential damages completely.